Goodbye Israel

It has been a minute. As usual a lot has gone down and I apologize for my lack of proper care and maintenance.

Random highlight real of the last 4 months or so:

-Got Bells Palsy: Whole thing.. Really strange and is only just now starting to go away. Got a good sense for the Israeli healthcare system, who my best friends were, shock acupuncture, and eventually coming to terms with facing the world with half a face. Not the worst thing in the world but certainly a big adjustment and a scary time.

Ouch Ouch Ouch


-Last months in Tel Aviv. Full of infinite amazing adventures and good people and good trips and nostalgia


-@KiraWeiss was in town for her internship. This was most excellent. Also the brother visited

Bonus Bells Smile!

-World Cup in Tel Aviv. Paradise. 

-Moved to San Francisco: Wonderful home, wonderful neighborhood, old friends, new friends (I think I go to Tufts now)

-Quit job

-Outside Lands

-Funemployed time including weekday LA and  Harry Potter World visit <3<3<3


-Finding a new job! TBD

Regardless I am missing Tel Aviv and everyone there dearly and it is not easy to adjust back. Such a different world and so much rapid growth and change while things here are comforting and familiar. Not bad.. just occasionally tough to relate or express. It’s like trying to explain a film to someone who has only known books. You can do it, but you really can’t DO it (not a Nike reference although good for them..) Anyways, I have been trying to summarize different places I have spent time in some sort of literary form and tried to capture the essence of Tel Aviv below(don’t judge this is a new medium for me 🙂 :


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is: Graffiti, hertzy Goldstar and cigarette smoke
Plans that happen after they happen
Everything with Tahina and knowing you are going broke

Endless Shabbat dinner, laughter
Warmth like a blanket, maybe that’s the wine
Drums of war temporarily dimmer, after
Talks, of space, love, duty and the nature of time

It’s divine inspired smoothies
A living room on the beach
Silly jokes about serious places
And a chaser Arak for each

Funk clubs that blur until sunrise
Stretched evenings in Yaffo, it’s Monday
Lima beans and sweet potato, the Eyal Shani way
“Ill be back, soon.” Words not lies.





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