Limbo in the homeland

It has been a minute! Somehow we last chatted nearly 8 months ago when I was still living in Her Majesty’s kingdom. After completing my tour of duty, I was meant for a quick two-week stint collecting myself.  However, for absolutely absurd reasons that I won’t dive into right now, the State of Israel was slow to approve my visa application to work in the Holy Land and I spent over 2 months in San Francisco.

If you read this blog occasionally, you probably know I have a complicated relationship with my home city by the bay. I will be the first to say that my first year in San Francisco was not the happiest for me. While my first year of work went better than I could have imagined, the 2-3.5 hours commuting to the Silicon Valley every day were absolutely soul- sucking. Despite being surrounded by some of closest friends and family in the world, something always seemed to be missing or broken, and I couldn’t escape the sense that I wasn’t growing as a person. It was easy to chalk this up to “real-world transition syndrome”, and this characterization is  not wholly inaccurate. Still, the net-net was an inward struggle while outwardly thriving and no guaranteed improvement on the horizon. So I left.


One cool aspect of Brexiting was how clearly and quickly it illuminated some of the outages in my former situation. Reinforcement of the idea that stark contrast is a powerful tool for finding clarity. While it was painful at times for a variety of legitimate reasons, nine months in London was one of the best situations I have ever made.

All this is to say that the time I got to spend in San Francisco upon returning this summer, brought contentment in a way I was convinced I was not meant to have there.  While crashing on friend’s couches for the first month (thanks again @Nick@Julian@Charlie@Garrett!) was certainly not easy, the overall experience and getting to spend time with the guys was great.


This was followed by a month living in a flat on Market smack dab in the middle of the Castro, Mission, Tenderloin, and Hayes Valley was amazing. Summer weather and long days in the park were wonderful. Climbing trees with Charlie was wonderful

IMG_0820 2

. OSL and BFD (music stuff) were wonderful with favorite people(s). Goon-squad fourth of July at the Mackie house in Santa Rosa was wonderful. Family time was wonderful.

IMG_0869 2

Weird Israel limbo state aside, summer was good. Eventually though, weird limbo state was resolved and it was time to climb the next mountain; life in a new country with a new project and new people, a strange culture with wild social dynamics and some of the craziest political undertows on the planet. I am not going to cover it in this post to keep things focused, but I promise it will be less than 8 months before I do. In fact ill have something by next week.






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