One week left: Bucket List Retrospective

Thats a wrap.
9 months in London ends next week.
While the adventure continues, I can’t believe this chapter is ending. While it may not have been sunshine and rainbows all the time, overall it has been everything I could have possibly asked for and I am genuinely sad to say goodbye. I just did the classic nostalgic move and went back and read through my pre-London post. Trying to get back in that mental place is funny, such a blank page ahead of me. In retrospect I am pretty pleased by how that story turned out.
I made a bucket list at the time and wanted to check in to see how I did. It really isn’t that important since you really can’t know what will be exciting in a new country until you get there, but fun to see if it played out or not.
1. Join a handball team: The best sport we don’t have Ok I definitely did not do this one.. Handball not as big as expected. However, I played on two different 5v5 footy (soccer in cages) teams, including Intuit F.C. So I passed this one.
2. HARRY POTTER MUSICAL: I know it’s sold out.. Ill figure it out. Don’t be negative. DID IT AND HOLY DUMBELDORE IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Really amazing show in so many ways. See previous post on this subject.
3. Become a Premiership hooligan for a random team While I never went full Hooligan, I am pretty happy to say I am now a Fulham supporter. They are currently in the second division (which makes it cooler right?), but they have a great support base, culture, and an excellent stadium. Plus, they consistently sign Americans so it makes sense. Jersey purchase imminent. 
4. Afternoon tea at a fancy hotel with reservations   Cuz monies did not go to a fancy hotel, but we definitely did fancy tea (see previous post) on our visit to Windsor.
5. Shakespeare Play at the Globe (Shakeys theatre) ok I failed outright on this one. Maybe in the next week? Lots of musicals living in the West End, but none at The Globe.
6. Morning run on the Thames  More than I can count. Honestly made me like running. Such a beautiful way to start or end a day. 
7. Harry Potter set! I did it twice! Completely blown away by how cool this is.
8. Michelin Star restaurant (I will likely have to fly somewhere else in Europe for this but I am doing it.) Did it in London! Beautiful (actually like art) meal for dad’s birthday.
9. Buy something at Harrods Food counts right 😃?
10. 3 last minute weekends in random cities Berlin, Edinburgh Copenhagen .. All planned within 3 weeks of going. Judge counts this one.
11. Notting Hill Carnival: The weekend I get there! Biggest Carnival outside Rio in the world.  Skipped it. Was sleepy. I regret nothing.
12. St. James Church Lunchtime concerts  Failed. Turns out leaving work at lunch doesn’t make much sense.
-Ireland 😦
Scotland 🙂
-Copenhagen 🙂
-West UK This weekend!
Overall.. Pretty happy about this. Combine it with the majority of great stuff I couldn’t possibly have planned in advance (3AM Duck and Waffle, countryside hiking, dodgeball tournament, The BoatRace, Windsor, Berlin, Chamonix, Paris, countless weird bars and restaurants, Hampstead Heath, etc etc etc)  and I definitely think I passed London 102.  Definitely will say more this week.. but now need to sleep.
Last week of work in Payroll:0 

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