Cheers! Here’s tae ye! Here’s tae us, wha’s like us? Damned few an’ they’re a’ deid

How Scottish people say “Cheers”^
Sitting on a train watching the British countryside go by and pondering how much of a cliche it is to be sitting on a train watching  a countryside go by while pondering things.
Last week I realized I had no plans and decided to be spontaneous and took a weekend trip to Scotland. Great decision.. Friday morning worked on the train to Edinburgh, embraced backpacker Kyle, and basically just wandered around an awesome city for two days.
Best Moment: I woke up early Saturday morning to hike Arthur’s Seat, the largest mountain in  a group of Mountains in the middle of the city. Super fun and actually a good hike with amazing views and a bunch of ways to the top. So an hour later, reach the top sweaty and all proud of myself.. Only to find a huge Scottish folk band calmly playing  at the top for hours.. Needless to say I was absolutely floored by this.. Amazing memory.
Best quote from hammered Scottish dude to two Women from Texas: “You think this whole election business is about your country.. Wrong. If you elect that $^%! its the rest of us that pay the price. Don’t screw over Scotland ladies!”
Biggest Regret: Had a few beers (see context later) and tried to buy a kilt.. All kilt stores closed at 1:00AM
Most “traveling alone moment”: Did a ghost tour of the underground city the first night. Very cool and creepy. Def did not get the couples and families only memo. Awk.
Coolest Find: One of Charlie’s recommendations was to check out BrewPub, the main craft beer spot in Edinburgh. Turns out CollabFest was this weekend meaning about 30 affiliated bars partnered with local  breweries to make a fun craft beer.. Over the course of the weekend all 30 were served at all 30 bars.. They let you taste all of them and had a whole note taking system and everything. Best part.. these beers were WEIRD.. Like flavors I can’t even explain. One was basically the liquid equivalent of hickory smoked meat.. One was fruity iced tea.. etc.. etc.. 10 points Charlie.
What Else Has Been Going On!?
A book every two weeks is fully operational:
Currently trying to crush Mark Zuckerberg’s reading list…
  1. Sapiens..  Read this book. Explains where we come from and how the world ended up how it is today. One of the most straightforward and informative reads I have had in a while.. Covers everything important.. Starts all the way back but is actually super interesting.
  2. The Three Body Problem: Basically.. award winning Chinese sic-fi novel translated. Really crazy mind warping read that has video games, aliens, war, history, tons of physics and cool characters all wrapped in one. (Aka every good Science Fiction book)
Saw James Vincent McMorrow at the RoundHouse. HUGE show.. Iconic venue. Happy Kyle.  For the uninitiated, think somewhere in the Bon Iver, Gallant, Daughter world.. Check out Rising Water, If I had a Boat, Cavalier, and Evil for a taste of his brilliance.
Saw Sunday Afternoon the musical. Basically the story of the band ‘The Kinks’ through their own songs. Fun night out and just steps from my place.
Bought a scarf. So tired of being freezing cold. Definitely not prepared for coming winter..
Also.. Late note added in.. A truck just drove up outside my apartment with a rave going on inside.. This place is hilarious.
Anyways.. All is well here. Missing everyone but otherwise happy after a rough few weeks!
This post dedicated to my car.. Which has now been sold… 😦  #UBERLYFE

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