Adventure Time

Hi world. Still waiting to wake up.. but until then enjoying the coolest city ever. Every day is some new adventure or great discovery. Every night is a new pub, new restaurant or conversation with some interesting person. Being able to get anywhere from my apartment in 20 minutes makes for incredible spontaneity, and I am trying my best to take advantage it. Case in point, today I am planning on doing two 3 hour free walking tours. One of general history of the area I live, and one a Harry Potter Tour!

Anyways, I wanted to post my snapstory from my London tour day on Tuesday. Having a wonderful Londener drive you to a bunch of the main neighborhoods in this massive city comes highly recommended.

Our ProgressScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.26.51 PM.png

Quick summary before I run off to my tour: London is Hip. Ridiculously hip, but not in the “If I have to spend another second in a SOMA coffee shop I am going to start shaving dude’s beards sort of way.” It is more subtle, and the diversity here keeps the ‘Hipster’ vs “Bro’ dichotomy at bay. Food is amazing. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Awesome art is everywhere(doing a street art tour at some point)

Also: They put government ‘social houses’ (think nicer projects) in all the gentrified neighborhoods. Gives people low income options even with astronomical rent, and helps keep neighborhoods culture in tact. Brilliant.  Such an amazing way to solve a bunch of problems at once .

Thats it for now. I need to go shower the pub smell off of myself before these tours. Stay tuned.



P.S. Listen to James Vincent McMorrow’s album that came out yesterday. Fire.

P.S.S I did not edit this post at all. 😦 sorrrrrrrrrrrrry



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