“Pip pip San Fran”-me

Alright team.. I promised you news a few month ago. Then I went dark (hurt my wrist) and could barely type. Alas, I have been healed and so it is time to spill the beans. THIS GUY IS HEADED TO LONDON. Thats right. 10 months of queuing, real football, fog (something new), and awesome name calling [Twit, Pillock, Muppot, Minger, and Chav to name a few].
So what happened? Well as you may or may not know, I work in a rotational program at Intuit for Product Managers. Super awesome program that I love being a part of. Sidenote: potential PM’s message me. My first rotation was working in Payroll, and I was lucky enough to make some real contributions to our Payroll products. The plan was to switch to another product at our campus in Mountain View, this being a rotational program and all. Then…… my payroll team had a role open in London as we create a new payroll product in the UK.. Told them I needed some time to think about it…….
10 seconds later….. I accept.
So pending visa/flights/housing etc all coming together this week, next Tuesday I leave for London for 10 months! The office is a few blocks from Buckingham Palace, and the Intuit housing I have is close by 🙂 I am super excited for the work aspect of this, but obviously life in the UK is going to be real nice.
This means the travel blog is back in action for real. My commitment to you all is one blog post a week. Plus all the selfies and food pics.
Bucket List
– Join a handball team: The best sport we don’t have.
– HARRY POTTER MUSICAL: I know it’s sold out.. Ill figure it out. Don’t be negative.
– Become a Premiership hooligan for a random team
– Afternoon tea at a fancy hotel with reservations
Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.27.58 PM
-Shakespeare Play at the Globe (Shakeys theatre)
-Morning run on the Thames
THIS IS WHERE I AM GOING TO LIVE?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
– Harry Potter set!
-Michelin Star restaurant (I will likely have to fly somewhere else in Europe for this but I am doing it.)
-Buy something at Harrods
– 3 last minute weekends in random cities
-Notting Hill Carnival: The weekend I get there! Biggest Carnival outside Rio in the world.
-St. James Church Lunchtime concerts
Stay tuned! Finding out where I live (probably Soho), and when I fly out this week!

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