Modern Art and Underground Steampunk

Hi Friends.

Happy Summer! Three day weekends make the world go round. This has been a particularly good one and I would be honored to tell you about (part of) it! Activity level was out of control: Karaoke bar in Tenderloin-> Ferry Building Farmers Market->SF MOMA-> Yerba Buena Gardens-> Jungle Book-> Chinatown->Whitechapel-> Bottlerock 2016 all mixed in with some otherworldly Warriors ball.

Since my charter here states I should be sharing the best experiences in SF (subjectivity… yadda..  yadda… I know), I felt compelled to tell yall about SF MOMA and Whitechapel. That said, Bottlerock was amazing, and you must see The Jungle Book. #WhatWouldMowgliDo?


$308 million later.. It is open! As you probably have seen on every lamppost advertisement west of the the Mississippi, the new 250,000 sq ft Modern Art Museum is now open. Oh and yes, you heard right, Odesza did play the opening. So anyways, Chantal and I went early to avoid the masses, and spent a solid chunk of time exploring all 7 stories of MOMA.

Consensus: Go. SF MOMA 2.0 is a massively spectacular testament to the art gods. A majority of the art inside is super-sized, and the vastness of the new spot is perfect place for it. Everything gets the space it deserves, and the walls never feel crowded.

Plus, while MOMA has all of the classic big name modern artists, it also has a lot of weird, thought provoking pieces that keep you entertained the whole time.


Oh and they had an apple. A big apple.


For those prone to seizures, I highly recommend the room which had this in strobe lights:

But actually, it was really cool.

Bonus points, when you are on the roof of MOMA, there are three full size Waldos on nearby buildings.We only found two but thoroughly enjoyed the search process.


Also, those ages 19-24 get discounted tickets ($19), so for SF it is actually reasonable. Go in the summer and spend the rest of the day at Yerba Buena Gardens where live bands often play!

Whitechapel: The Steampunk Bar

To be honest, very few popular bars in SF are places I would want to come back to. They tend to be the manifestation of all my frustration with San Francisco. So, it is always a cause for celebration to find somewhere unique and interesting!


Whitechapel is a Gin bar in the Tenderloin. The premise is an abandoned 1900’s London underground station, that was turned into a secret Gin clubhouse.  This was started by the same guy who started Smugglers Cove (, so you can imagine the theme is incredibly well done. You feel like you are emerging from some sort of time/reality warp when you first walk in and see the high curved ceilings, the exposed brick, and the vintage London underground tiles that were imported during construction.


The drink menu is HUGE with over 100 drinks, and the gin selection is overwhelming. In fact, at 37o different gins, it is the biggest gin menu in the country.

Also fun, the other two rooms have related, but distinct themes:

A traditional British gin bar theme

This place is a bit expensive at about $12 a drink, but definitely worth checking out. Also, we didn’t try it, but the internets claim that the food is out of this world as well.

Thanks world. Stay tuned.


Bonus picture of the Weiss family doing a silent disco at Bottlerock 2016.

Bands seen include Misterwives, X Ambassadors, Andrew Mcmahon into the Wilderness, The Lumineers, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!




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