Cambrodia: Part 1

Crazy couple of days! Currently in Cambodia after a wild few days on the river in Vang Vieng, Laos. This is another remote mountain town that specialiazes in awesome adventure time. Our morning consisting of a sunrise kayaking trip down the river, capped off by a cave exploration and beautiful cave swim. Unfortunately go pro footage can’t be seen until the end, but it is spectacular.      
After a bit of rest, we joined about 100 other travellers for tubing. This is the classic Vang Vieng activity and the reason we came to this area. Everyone starts floating on a big tube down river, and as you go you are sold on different bars that line the sides of the river. A bar staff person will then throw you a line with a bottle on the end and reel you in for a drink. At each bar, people get more and more wild and the group starts to bond. Awesome because you meet people from everywhere imaginable. One bar consisted of beer pong, jumping into a mud while covering yourself in mud, and then jumping off a ten foot ledge into the river repeatedly. Sooooooo fun. Food here is good as always.

After Laos, we flew to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia for the next leg of our trip. It was Garrett’s birthday so we spent night one just being absurd in Garrett’s honor. We went to five bars and had a super delicious meal at a nice restaraunt with a reservation and everything. We ordered ten courses and just feasted. 


Phnom Pehn is a big city that still has a lower population than it did before Pol Pot’s genocide in the 70’s. Pot believed in a pure form of agrarian based communism and hated city based people. We visited one of the killing fields where his regime murdered over one million people. In total one quarter of the country was killed in just over three years. Pot hated doctors, teachers, lawyers, and anyone who might not completely trust the regime. The killing fields were brutal and still recent. Every three months staff has to clean up freshly risen bones from the mass graves that have swollen up. Signs tell you not to step on bones as you tour the fields. Really powerful and jarring day. 

We finished the day with a dinner at a place that hires and trains at risk kids in the food and hospitality industry. Amazing food! Best curry I have ever had which is saying something for Asia. Also…. We ate tarantulas?!?  


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