Super Long Update

Our next day in Chaing Mai was equally great. Sparing details which included another massage, a delicious smoothie, and more good adventuring, the highlight was the Thai cooking class that Garrett, Nick, and I took part in. We first went to a local market and bought ingredients, super cool being the only tourists even near the place. I decided to make my first meal a coconut soup with chicken. Everything here seems to use coconut oil and fish pAste, And is delicious.   
Second course I cooked was a peanut sauce chicken. Also super good.

 Main course was red curry for Nick and I, and Mossaman(sp?) for Garebear. It was suprisingly difficult to make curry paste, but super fun. We then used our paste to make the actual dish and it was amazingly good. I barely eged Nick out 3-2 in the curry vote, and won myself a free drink!

Super cool though. Highly reccomend. Also bonded with some other students which was great.

Ok our last stop in Thailand was our favorite place we have been to yet! Pai is a tiny little village three hours by bus outside of Chiang Mai. Pai has a sort of small town, hippy vibe to it, and it was great. We would ask someone for a dinner reccomendation in the day, and then end up seeing them at a bar that night where they inevitably would want to “play some beer pong with the Yanks!” Art is everywhere, cool weird buildings, strange hostels, and hilarious travellers.

After a wild night at the sunset bar with the team, Alice Chang (CMC homie) and i met up at 6 am to run to the Wat looking out on the city. I made it back just in time to see my Warriors win which was ideal. We then rode to a nearby waterfall where we could actually slide down about 20 feet on wet stone before being tossed into a pool. One of the locals then emasculated all of us by doing the whole thing standing up…

No photos though:(

Our next stop was the famous Pai Canyon, a super cool hiking area consisting of a bunch of narrow ridges with dropoffs on both sides. Adventure time.


 After Pai 😦 we all got on a bus for the first of three crazy days of traffic. Day one involved nine hours on a bus where we ended at a scary hostel. Day two was the first day of the “slow boat,” an 8 hour trip up the Me Kong River in Laos. Fun for the first hour. Pretty rough after that. That night we stopped at a village on the river and all woke up sick in the morning before boat round two. i can tell you that a crowded boat in Laos is a horrible place to get sick.   Next update from Cambodia



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