Chiang Mai

Sawatdikharp(sp?) from the Thai border! Have a few posts to getcha all up to speed but I finally have some time! 
We left you in Bangkok before we flew up to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is wayyyy cooler than Bangkok. Chiang Mai is a mid-sized tourist city in the mountains with a bunch to do. There are over fifty temples in Chiang Mai, most free to enter and brimming with Monks and tourists. On our first day of exploration, we saw a group of over fifty young monks (age 12+) go through their nightly prayers. Would love to know how the decision to become a monk is made at such a young age.

On our first morning there, I woke up nice and early to watch my Warriors play crush the Cavs. Good stuff. 

We followed this up with another delicious curry for lunch because why not?! Then, we took an open roof taxi up to the top of the nearest mountain to see a gorgeous Wat, the most famous temple in the area.   

We then got off the traditional tourist path and hiked up a trail to a waterfall in the mountain where we went for a decent swim. This hike was so cool because we were hiking through the jungle on narrow paths, oftentimes covered on top by bamboo.

After some nice showers to clean ourselves up, we all got Thai massages. A Thai massage basically consists of having an old Thai women beat the crap out of you for an hour straight.. Suprisingly refreshing.
Following another amazing meal, we make the hilarious decision to go see Jurassic World in theaters. Tim loves dinos… We headed to a mall outside of town, and were a bit suprised at how fancy it was, especially considering our previous locales. The movie turned out to be about the price we would pay at home, which seemed crazy high for Thailand. But……… This turned out to be the coolest movie viewing experience ever. We each were given our own giant reclining lazy boi chair, served different types of popcorn and drinks, and given blankets. Its was absurd. We felt like kings (hilarious given that we had to a stand for a tribute to the king before the movie, a clip which consisted mostly of clips of him and his dogs).  

That night ended with some Changs and the cabana on the river outside our hostel. All in all an incredible day.


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