Hi! Greetings from Thailand. I know we have been here for a while now and its been quiet on the blog front. My apologies. So much happening all the time and too exhausted to think in the in between times.
So Thailand is insane. Having now seen three parts that are all very different, I have a decent grasp on the place. Everywhere you go you can find the cheapest, most delicious, food you have ever had. We have had Thai food for a week straight and are not close to sick of it. Everythig is cheap. Hostels are $6 a night, meals are rarely over $5, and an hour of massage is about $5. Unreal. It is pretty touristy, sometimes to a discomforting degreee, but you do get a good sense of Thai culture as well.

So we started in Bangkok. Massive, sprawling, dirty, and wild, Bangkok as a place is nothing too special. We had an awesome boat trip down the main river upon landing and had our first exposure to a Wat (Buddhist Temple). These things are crazy. Incredibly ornate, and full of symbolism and fancy architecture… Wats are everywhere… 

We followed this exploring the weird shops in Chinatown, the biggest Chinatown in the world. After another delicious Thai dinner, we all got foot massages on one of the main tourist streets. Imagine 5 giant foreign dudes sitting side by side on the street having their feet rubbed. The people loved it. We also looked at all the weird stuff for sale, giant dead spiders, ping pong shows:/ edible scorpions, colorful clothing, and all sorts of other crazy stuff.  

After some drinks and disregard for our budgets, we made the questionable decision to watch a Thai boxing match. This turned out to be absolutely insane. We sat ringside while over 500 Thai people jeered and yelled at every single punch. We saw seven fights and they were all wild. Muay Thai is not American boxing. Kicks throws, grabs, knees… it feels like some sort of boxing MMA lovechild, and it is absurd to watch. We loved it. Bet against each other, and had a dandy ole time at fight night.

 Next morning we are headed to Chiang Mai!


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