Back in Denmark!

 I am sitting on a plane. Five hours out from Thailand. Trying to reflect on the last five days. Returning to Denmark was strange…. Amazing, but strange. Philosophers and Physicists (same thing at a certain level) like to talk about multiverses, the infinite set of potential universes, many of which are nearly identical to our own. At the risk of sounding like a douche, the best way I can think of to describe returning to Denmark/Copenhagen is like being in slightly modified version of the universe I left nearly two years ago now. It was like re-living a chunk of my semester abroad but with some of the names, colors, and storylines slightly modified. If you have read my blog since the start you know how wonderful it is to be able to put myself back into one of the best and most impactful times of my life, but you should also be able to imagine how it might have been slightly off-putting.   
New characters obviously. Garrett, Tim and I came up from Amsterdam. Nick Weiss (are we related?) met us at Central Station. The Sundings(my wonderful Danish family[if you haven’t, quit being lazy and read from the start]) now have a dog. The boys are taller, S∅ren is nearly taller than me… You forget how big two years can be when you are 14-18. While I saw the gang when they visited the US for a month last summer (incredible time), being back in the house made the changes obvious. I won’t go into details (this is a public blog afterall), but they were cool to see. Also, sun, glorious sun. We had great weather the whole time we were in Denmark. This was super weird after a semester of winter. Plus, instead of getting dark at 3pm, days lasted until 10 at night!

Thanks so much to Stig, Elise, Stefan, Simone, Steen, Soren, and Charlie for hosting four hungry recent grads. You guys are the best and I miss you all already.

I wont go into too much detail about our day to day, I have described most of the places we went in previous posts, but I will give an overview.



Walking through the city. Eating Gr∅d (think designer oatmeal meets fancy food?). Boat tour through the harbor. Gelato. Night out in town. Distortion was a giant street festival with 5 stages and thousands of intoxicated young Danes dancing their faces off in the middle of the city. A Bar with Simone. Played BP.   


2: Climbed Church of our Savior. Favorite view in town. Explored Christiania. Underwhelming after Amsterdam, but also weirdly comforting. Very cool how many people were out and aout because of the sun. Walked to Tivoli! Still amazing, though super crowded because one of the Friday night concerts (Joey Moe), and because everyone was out of school for a holiday. Shawarma and bus home late at night.
3: Day of rest. Slept in. Ran in the forest. Prepared for the Turkish people party that night. Turkish people are all Danes who met in Turkey 25 years ago and have been having amazing dinner parties every four months ever since. The kids have all grown up together. We ate. We played VikingSpillet, a classic Danish lawn game. We ate some more. We Drank. We had a race between Soren who had to eat two pieces of rye bread, and Garrett who had to drink a whole beer using a spoon and a bowl. We ate. Talked about life. Ate. Watched Barcelona win the Champions League Final. Had Dessert. Puzzled. We bought the Sundings a puzzle of the Sagrada Familia in Barca as a thank you gift for hosting us. We had absolutely no conception of how difficult 1000 pieces might be. I am happy to announce that on our final night at about 10 PM we finished the flippin puzzle. We all left a bit of our souls in those pieces. 
4: Went in the big car and drove along the coast with the family into town. Went to the Danish design museum which unsuprisingly was full of simplle chairs with shockingly high price tags made by famous designers. Went to a cafe Nick found online. Went to Norrebro to the best falafal in the city. Walked through the famous cemetary. Went on the slides. Headed to Stefans new place and cooked the best quesadillas ever. We all decided that Danes would go crazy for this food and hatched a plot to start a European quesadilla stand empire together, I personally think we should go for it. Went to Fermentoren and did a beer tasting. Incredible as always. This place will always be special to me thanks to the tasting we did here on my birthda with all my friends and both sets of parents;) Missed the train. Late night bus. 
5: Shopping in the morning with Nick. Lunch at Scurry Hub, home of my favorite red curry from my time abroad. Cheap and stupidly good. Rosenborg Slot. Tim and i waited outside while the guys expored the castle. Home early. Clean. Game of Thrones. Pack. Finish puzzle. Big delicious meal. Stay up late watching Kill Bill.
6: Big breakfest to celebrate Stig’s birthday. Leave. Present time. 

Apologies again for the horribly written posts. Blogging on a phone is harder than I imagined. 
Now we head into the true adventure of our trip. I honestly have no idea what SouthEast Asia will be like, but I can’t wait to find out. Will keep you all posted through it all.
Vi Ses


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