All Hail Messi (Barcelona Time)

Hi World!
Apologies for the delay in correspondence. Barcelona has been a whirlwind and we have been going non-stop.  

Barcelona: A Summary

Welcome to the boat. Grandpa’s boat location is in a crazy area of the city that is awake all night. First day we walked around my favorite area of the city, The Gothic Quarter, a super old and disorganized labrynth in the middle of the city. Right next to La Rambla for those in the know. The market of the side of La Rambla was insane….

    We combined this with a big Seafood Paella dinner with el capitan and it was glorious..

Other highlights.. Everything Gaudi is incredible. If you have never been to his Sagrada Familia… Go… It is super cool and all based on different natural phenomenon. So like the weird fruit things at the tops of the spires are meant to mimic the process of minerals crystallizing and the internal strcture is supposed to mimic a forest.

Gaudi’s Park Guell also is great.. Views on views..

Tibidabo is the top of the city

The last three days have been a completely different thing.  

 Primavera Sound is a masssssive music festival with 12 stages, 190k people, and the absurd 6pm-6am timeline. We saw The Strokes at like 2 AM last night

Fav shows : Alt-J, Sylvan Esso, Jungle, Chet Faker, The Strokes, Acollective, Garden City Movement, Mac DeMarco.

Weird crowd though. Sort of the graying hipster/metalhead (those sort of combine here) demographic. Enjoys gentle head bobbing and Heineken. Not quite coachella.

Also.. We went to the zoo today!! Super cool.  They had a bunch of hilarious gorillas messing with each other. Super inspiring

Thanks to the Captain for a great time aboard the ship and Barcelona to being a way cooler city than anything we have. 



“I dont know why i dont own my own boat” Garrett
Ok off to Amsterdam!!


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