Das Resurrection

and… were back. I made the executive decision to take a 9th semester and study abroad in Copenhagen again!!       False. For realsies, I just graduated college (Claremont McKenna College of Economics) and am adventuring around the world with some of my best friends before we all become real people and start out jobs in a few months. I figure it is still travel blogging, so it still counts. I am also exactly 10 times too lazy to create a new blog.. Thus myclichetraveblog is risen. Praise thee.  Unfortunately the quality of my posts is likely to fall dramatically due to my lack of computer. I am currently operating on an iphone with a portable keyboard. Apologies in advance for the lack of photos, length, and punctuation that will end up in ma upcoming writings. 

So where the hellz are we at this exact second?  

Currently sitting in Oslo, Norway(yes it is raining #classic) on a five hour layover before we head out to Barcelona. and yes those of you who follow JesusCristo (me) on snapchat, we did fly directly from Oakland to Oslo…. Go Figure. I am with Tim Storer and Garrett Wells, but will be meeting up with more of the crew as our adventures continue.

Our adventure:

1. Currently  headed to Barcelona to stay on Her Majesty, The Golden Wings II, a spendid nautical vessel. Skipped by the one and only, “Captain,” aka my Grandfather, aka Grumps, aka Irwin Sheldon (both my gpa are Irwin Sheldon, crazy), aka Irv. The captain is a salty eyed, grizzled old master of the high seas, and we come bearing Costco coffee, so we should be welcomed. Neither Tim nor Garrett has been to Europe before, so showing them the ropes should be awesome. 

2.  While still in Barca, our second adventure (after general tourism) is Primavera Sound! This is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and is a 15 min walk down the beach (rough.. I know) from the port. This thing is massive, sporting 12 nearly full stages over 3.5 days. Being Spain, the lesser known acts come on at 6 PM, with the festival going until 6 AM each night… Unreal. We are stoked for; The Strokes, Chet Faker, The Black keys, Sylvan Esso, Benjamin Booker, and like 30 others. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

3. Amsterdam for three days! Never went while I was abroad so should be fantastical. 

4. Copehagen for five days!!! Wooooooo, meeting up with Nick and the four of us are staying with everyone’s favorite Danish family for four days of food, tourism and Scandinavian perfection. Unlike when I was there, it won’t get dark until late at night, so we have maximum happy times. If you are new hear, see every single other post to learn about these guys..

5. East Asia Time! I will break out a full trip plan later, but we have over a month of total adventuring. Bangkok, Pai, Chiang Mai, Penang, Phuket, Hanoi and a bunch of other places on the list. Everything looks amazing, and frankly, this is the main reason I am blogging. Too much sensory input. Will give the full update as we get closer.

6. Melbourne, Australia to see Chantal!! Can’t wait. More to come.

Starting to get horrid hand cramps from this little keyboard so I think that’s it for this post. Stay tuned… Or don’t. I will write the same schtuff either way. Next time from Spain!


Quote Time

“Im excited for so many things but im too tired to express any of it right now” – timbo (Storer)

“Kyle asked me to come up with a quote for this blog thing but i don’t want to give him one” – garrett (<— soft;)


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