Gleaming Lights of the Souls.

(written like three days ago)

Ok so today we went to the best museum in the Copenhagen area. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is not just an awesome museum, but a weirdly cool place. The whole museum is a grouping of attached houses on a slope overlooking the sea. Just walking around was awesome.

I saw the sun! #ThingsThatNeverHappenHere
I saw the sun! #ThingsThatNeverHappenHere


The exhibits were also surprisingly  entertaining (art museums take note).


One was all based on the Arctic.


I don't know what this was but I was a fan..
I don’t know what this was but I was a fan..

One was a comparison of Danish artist Asger Jorn, and American Jackson Pollock, who developed remarkely similar styles of painting despite never knowing each other. Surrealist art is actually fun to look at, so this  was also awesome.


However, the best exhibit award unquestionably goes to Japanese wonder women Yayoi Kusama’s Gleaming Lights of the Souls. Kusama, who has lived the last 43 years in mental hospitals in Japan, uses her OCD and other various mental disorders to make art that the rest of us couldn’t even begin to imagine. I couldn’t decide if it made me think of how the universe would look if the creator was on some crazy drugs, or  if it was akin to to having your spaceship go warp speed in Star Trek. It uses a bunch of color-changing light bulbs, and some mirrors to give a small room the impression of infinity. Also, part of the floor is covered in water for the perfect reflection. I learned this when I stepped in the water.. True Story.


IMG_5163 IMG_5162 IMG_5166



Also, went to Grød, a porridge place that is delicious. Num Nums.

Nordic Cooking
Nordic Cooking

Final post coming soon!


One thought on “Gleaming Lights of the Souls.

  1. Hi Kyle, I’m a student who is planning to attend DIS next fall and I just found out your blog. Too bad I’ve all missed your great stories. I’ll have to read them now!
    Anyway I have a question unrelated to the post which I don’t know where to put. So I see you study philosophy, and I wonder if you’ve taken any philosophy class while in Denmark. I’m a philosophy minor planning to take some Kierkegaard classes in Denmark, so I’m naturally curious!

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