In Denmark, Christmas won the war on Christmas.

As you hopefully know, one of the best parts about going skiing or snowboarding, is that feeling after leaving the slopes when you change into sweats, and sip hot chocolate by a warm fireplace. Now take that feeling, and multiply it by like a thousand, and you basically have December in Denmark.

While Denmark might be completely devoid of mountains or even hills, we have enough cold and darkness to make up for it tenfold. You basically eat lunch while the sun is going down which can be slightly disorienting. So anyway, to compensate for this, the Danes had a group meeting (this is how I imagine decision making happens in this country) and decided that they would make December the most fun, cozy, and tradition filled time of the year.
Exhibit A: My house. In addition to putting out a bunch of decorations this weekend, we made candleholders out of nature. Apparently the whole country does it. See my artwork below. I consider myself a candleholder-making prodigy, and am perfectly willing to sell to the highest bidder (minimum bid of 100,000,000 Kr).

I call it, "Sneaky Little Man In Red Hat."
I call it, “Sneaky Little Man In Red Hat.”

Exhibit B: Not only did we make art, but we built something in the basement that is the envy of men everywhere. We had to move the ping pong table in order to accommodate this giant electric car racing track!

Yep… Real Life.
Yep… Real Life.

Note the bridges, the propped up curves, and the awesome straight away that makes my car always fly off the track. Actually just too much fun.

Exhibit C: I got a calendar that gives me a surprise Toms Chocolate (remember the chocolate factory we visited for class?) every day of the month. So…… Ha!

Exhibit D: Town looks like this everywhere:

I have no sassy comments to make.
I have no sassy comments to make.

Exhibit E: Christmas lunches. We had a host family version, but basically you eat herring, bread and a bunch of other foods, drink schnapps, and dance to traditional Danish Christmas songs. A good way to spend four hours.

I am bummed that I will be missing Christmas because apparently it is next-level awesome here(#GoodJewishBoyProblems), but it is interesting to see how the whole month feels much more festive than America. They also eat more delicious foods then I have the willpower to list here.

Also… I bought this…

Combining fashion, function, and a nice beard.
Combining fashion, function, and a nice beard.

Also… My hero David Beckham’s movie came out this week. It looks awesome. Class of 92

Here is the Beckham Family just slaying their family photos.. (mom we needa step it up)

Like seriously…
Like seriously…

That’s without their secret weapon… Harper Beckham

"Get on my level dad."
“Get on my level dad.”

Back to finals studying!



2 thoughts on “In Denmark, Christmas won the war on Christmas.

  1. Great post, Kyle!
    We are running a Christmas photo challenge at the moment by which we hope to gather photos and descriptions of Christmas traditions from all around the world. If you’d like to participate, write a couple of sentences about Christmas inDenmark, send us a photo to represent it and we will publish the best entries on our blog with a link to your site. Sounds good? 🙂 Here you will find more details:
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 🙂

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