Thanksgiving, Sigur Røs blowing my mind, beer bread making, etc…

Hello World.

So it is finals time now, so I am on the study grind today but in honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to give you guys an update about all the good schtuff going on around here.

First and most importantly, we are cooking Thanksgiving dinner here! Operation Secretly-Americanize-The-World is  a go.

Classic host brothers turkey shot.
Classic host brothers turkey shot.

But ya excited about that.

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREGORY WEISS. 32 is supposed to  be a great year!

He, like Tim Duncan and Beyonce, has found the fountain of youth..
He, like Tim Duncan and Beyonce, has found the fountain of youth..

Third, learned to cook Øllebrød yesterday! So basically that translates to beer bread, but is actually porridge consumed back in the day.  Basically, the Danes did not want to waste their two national points of pride, beer and rye-bread, so they just made a porridge out of the leftover scraps.

Yes I did hand whip the cream. Chef of the Year time.
Yes I did hand whip the cream. Chef of the Year time. Cinnamon Sugar goodness.

My Danish class and I made a bunch of different types of this incredible porridge. One was made with cinnamon vanilla and sugar, and the other (“The Zesty One”), with lemon and orange peels. We then were given another lesson in beer brewing, and so we obviously ate our beer bread soup with a nice cold beer. Denmark…

If that wasn’t enough blog material, we also did a lesson on the incredible food culture here. Last years chef of the year is and American who is part of the mass migration of top chefs to Denmark. His new place just opened and it looks bomb:

Matt Orlando worked at NOMA before opening his own much more “urban and gritty” restaurant, which I would do unforgivable things to eat at. Fun fact, over a third of tourists visiting Copenhagen are visiting with the intention of eating at a specific restaurant.  Wealthy foodies, this is the place to be.

Fourth, music update. Went to Sweden last night to see Sigur Røs. Consider me obsessed.  They are probably the best live show I have ever seen, and I am still in shock. Sigur Røs are a sort of ethereal rock band that seems like the sound track for a movie about a Gold Eagle flying through a Planet Earth documentary. Don’t know if that paints a picture or not..

Everybody plays a bunch of instruments, but the lead singer plays an electric guitar with a violin bow. He also has the ability to sing as both in a  male and female voice.  He sings in Icelandic as well as Hopelandic, a language that the band made up to compliment their sound.

I know I am not doing them justice, but do yourself a favor and check them out. Use your best headphones or speakers, and be patient. It is all about the slow builds up to epic peaks.  That’s why they have an extra like 15 people on stage at all times. They headlined Coachella, and I missed them for Phoenix, but this was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

Listen to more than just this song though, they are all over the map:

Less dramatic then the full show with lights and all, but still cool.

Turkey Time!

Thanks for all of you who read this thing. Appreciate reading it, and all the positive and negative (gasp) feedback.

Have a good day,

Kyle Weiss

P.S. To everyone at home, I miss you guys. See y’all soonish. .


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