DIS By The Numbers!

Studying  in Copenhagen:

By the Numbers

 47: Number of pastries I Have eaten thus far. Denmark wins, but Portugal comes in a close second place in the baked goods game.

Try and saying no to this. Pause…. Not!
Try and saying no to this. Pause…. Not!

9:Number of countries I will have visited in my time Abroad

  • Denmark, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Portugal and Holland(tentative depending on funds).

70/30: Girl to Guy  Gender Ratio on our program.

New Suits!
New Suits!

1.83 M (6 ft): Average height of Danish Guys.. Sad face. They have nearly two inches on us USA.. Step it up!

 500,000: Number of Danes who bike to work on an average day in the Greater Copenhagen Area. According to Wikipedia (ya I know….) this is more than the amount of Americans who bike to work in our whole country. Other cities becoming more Bicycle friendly is actually called Copenhagenization. I will write a whole blog about how the bikes relate to fashion and all that before I leave!

This is normal….
This is normal….

 7: Average hours of sunlight in December in this town. It gets dark like right when lunch ends. Super big struggle for California boy.

 26: Minutes my S-Tog train takes to get from Virum where I reside to the middle of the city.

$5.37: Price of a Big Mac in Denmark. $2.00 more than the US average but over $4.00 less than our way-too-wealthy neighbors in Norway.

 170 M: Highest hill in Denmark. There are no mountains, hence the bikes.

12,500 BC: When Denmark was first inhabited.

 60.2%: Top personal income tax rate in Denmark. This kicked in at over 55k per year. Whereas in California the top tax bracket is at over 400k per year.

6: Weeks of vacation guaranteed by law for full time Danish employees. Combine this with a 37.5 hour work week, and up to 120 days of paid sick time, and you understand why Danes are so darn happy all the time despite the previous stat.

1583: The year Dyrehavsbakken, the oldest operating theme park in the world opened. Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest park and the oldest in a city opened in 1843. If you know me, you know how happy this makes me.

$19.50: How much I would have to pay to see whatever horror movie this poster is for in Copenhagen.

Really inspiring guys..
Really inspiring guys..

Kidding! It is actually a super creepy brand new portrait of the Royal Family. Have fun not sleeping tonight!

30: Minutes to Malmö, Sweden by train. I will be there Wednesday night for Sigur Ros!

9: Hours of class I have on Tuesdays. Aka I need to quit blogging and hit the books!

Peace Out Girl Scouts



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