Look who came to Scandinavia! (Oh and somebody is now 21;)

Greetings America (and small international audience)

Today’s top story, the only thing anybody is talking about, Momma and Poppa Dubs (Lisa Astor Weiss and Gregory Allen Weiss) are in Scandinavia!



Mom and Dad arrived Thursday, and after a trip to Malmö on Friday, we went exploring through town on Saturday. After the palace, the Sunding’s picked us up in the big van, and brought us back for an incredible meal. I wanted to see a brawl but you can’t have everything;)


So errrr…. Technically it is now Friday and my parents have been gone for over 30 hours, but I really liked that intro and decided to stick with it. Role with it please.

Sunday was ultimate explorers day. We did a drive all along the coast with both families, and saw a total of three castles. It was legit. Papa Weiss loved it.

Note his hat..
Note his hat..

We spent Sunday night in the recently re-opened Christmas Tivoli!

Back in her almost German native element...
Back in her almost German native element…

It was actually the coziest,  most hyggeligt, festive thing ever. We didn’t even go on any rides, just walked around drinking Gløgg. Gløgg is a warm wine traditionally served in the Winter which is full of delicious spices, raisins, and a bit of rum. I bought some Gløgg spices so Winter Break at the Weiss House will be super cozy. Tivoli is just incredible, and I am eternally jealous that Denmark has such a place.

Good Jewish boys in Santa's Sleigh
Good Jewish boys in Santa’s Sleigh

Monday I took the parents to Freetown Christiania. Very Danish experience. Also took them to my favorite Shawarma restaurant…

Since my fødselsdag was Wednesday, Mom and Dad took me to birthday dinner on Monday night! I use an exclamation point because here in DK, we rarely go to dinner. Being a student in one of the most expensive countries on earth limits restaurant visits(but my host fam has awesome food so its cool for me).  This is a real bummer for most though, because Copenhagen is one of the food capitals of the world. NOMA is continuously ranked the 1st or 2nd best restaurant in the whole world, and there is a high concentration of Michelin Star places everywhere you go.

So anyways.. I was pumped to go out to dinner, and Sticks and Sushi did not disappoint. The place was on the top floor of a big hotel, so it obviously had killer views. While waiting for our drinks, we saw on super fancy swings and looked out on part of the city. #MindBlown

Swinging All Day Errr Day
Swinging All Day Errr Day

Even better, the actual table is submerged so you have to take your shoes off and it looks like you are sitting on the floor. Oh and we had a window view!!!!!   To top it off, the sushi was incredible. Overall one of the best meals I have ever had and surprisingly affordable given Copenhagen prices.

Cheers (at floor level)
Cheers (at floor level)

Thanks Mom and Dad!!! 

Tuesday night was equally as cool as Monday. Despite being 21 meaning basically nothing in Denmark, a bunch of friends, both sets of parents and I, did an awesome beer tasting with, beer legend,  Søren Wagner. Søren has tried over 17,000 beers, has a degree in beer, makes his own beer, and owns his own bar. I had done a DIS (my school here) tasting here once before, and it was so awesome I obviously had to replicate the experience for my 21st.

I can go to the bars in Denmark now!!!
I can go to the bars in Denmark now!!!

We had some incredible beers, including a beer that my beer-averse mother claimed, “To be the best beer I have ever tasted.” So ha. Another favorite was the 15% Christmas beer that tasted like a combination of Chocolate and Coffee. In Søren’s words, “Enjoy it..You guys will not have anything close to this quality for a long time.” It was a great night, and we got a killer deal. DIS kids, email me for info if you want to do something similar. Everybody loved it.

After a great night out. We did some more exploring Tuesday and then my host family was awesome and did a traditional Danish birthday for me! I’m talking incredible Danish food, balloons, Danish songs and traditions, Danish presents, Danish Birthday Cake, and just oodles of Scandinavian goodness.

Danish Cake=Really Good Cake
Danish Cake=Really Good Cake
Das Boys
Das Boys
"The Hoptimist"
“The Hoptimist”


Ok so mom and dad had a solid visit. Cool cool. Now backtrack to before my arrival in Copenhagen, and you may recall I was exploring the absolute must see city of Lisbon…

For our last night in Lisbon, we decided we had a moral imperative to go see Portugal play Sweden in a World Cup qualifier. This was a two game series that decided which of these two nations would go to the biggest event in sports. Plus, two of the three best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, were doing battle. Going was the only option. We decked ourselves out in Portugal gear and had a blast. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the game winning diving header late in the second half! Lisbon actually just erupted. The sold out (65,000 capacity) stadium went insane, and the party in the streets that night was absurd. In round two, Cristiano added another three goals while Zlatan got two. So POR-TU-GAL (chant it) will be joining us in Brazil this summer!!!!!

Ronaldo is a god.


See ya later alligators.









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  1. nice….except for the mom parts:) Seriously, very nice. miss you. send stuff. going to bed adn will do tomorrow…it’s due!! 🙂

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