Smartacus and Chvrches

Greetings Mortals.

I give you a list.

 Katy Perry

Gladiator (R.Crowe) 

What Does the Fox Say? (Viral Music Video)

Greek Economy Jokes

Tivoli Gardens

Eye of the Tiger

What could this be you ask!?

Everyone of of these things appears somewhere on my list of things that make the world awesome.    They also all happen to have been part of the incredible Crazy Christmas Cabaret that our Danish teacher took our class to last night.

Yep, that type of humor...
Yep, that type of humor…

Smartacus at Tivoli Gardens was three hours of absolute hilariousness. The actors were crude, completely inappropriate, and absurdly talented. It was a musical, play,  and comedy show, all mashed together. For like a gazillion bonus points,  it made constant rips on Danish Culture! Seeing our teacher and his wife do the What Does the Fox Say Dance, was one of life’s high points. All I can say to DIS people, this show is not expensive (like 70 kroner) and is completely worth it. Any show that puts Edward Snowden in the same sentence as Danish Christmas beer is worth seeing in my opinion. Plus any free ticket to Tivoli is a no-brainer. Basically, my bucket list was absolutely murdered last night (puns always intended).

Other Notable Accomplishments of the last week:

Tuesday night I was at DIS (our school) at about 9 PM and wanted to take a 30 minute nap before the night festivities commenced. Unfortunately, my normal couch nap room was locked, so I settled for a tabletop in a random classroom with my jacket as a pillow. Slight problem in that my alarm did not go off, so yours truly woke up at 2:47 AM confused and alone in DIS. Had to leave my bike in town and take the 3:30 bus (trains stop in the week) back to Virum. Delightful!


Chvrches Concert: So I already mentioned how excited I was for this, and they slayed it.

Scottish Accent.. Killer
Scottish Accent.. Killer

Lauren Mayberry is incredible (love her) and I can not wait to see her kill it at Coachella in a few months. Vega is a really cool venue so bonus points for that. Plus front row of any show is a good time.

I  call this: "Pretty Girls and Seizures"
I call this: “Pretty Girls and Seizures”

I made a gif^!!

Upcoming Concerts:

Sigur Rós in Sweden in two weeks 11-26

Digitalism DIS show at Rust 11-27

The Tallest Man on Earth 11-21 (maybe)

My Ipod: Obviously only playing the New Eminem LP2. Loud, angry, and fast. There he is.

Time to study for my Danish test and get ready for London and Lisbon tomorrow!



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