Why I Can’t Sleep.

By all standard measures I should be fast asleep. 6 AM wake up, casual exhaustion, and a lack of desserts in the fridge usually knock a man out pretty quickly. However, I am absolutely amped up right now, and I decided that the blogosphere needed to know why.

First, the Cliché Travel Blog has gone worldwide baby!!! The last few days have seen hits from Viet Nam, Finland, Canada, Senegal, Italy, and a bunch ‘o’ other places. Very cool. This is a big step in my not-at-all-secret effort to rule over you all in blissful worldwide hegemony. Seriously though, thanks to everyone who is actually reading the words that my computer spits out on the reg.

Second, I made host grandma happy today. I managed to tell min Farmor (far= father, mor=mother)  that I was sorry I was traveling and could not attend her 85th birthday party. Also, that her apple cake was delicious. ALL IN DANISH!! Self  high-five. She only speaks Danish, so being able to have a semi-conversation was super gratifying. She told me I was basically a Viking now. I’m still blushing.

So much good food at the host grandparents house.. Homemade hot chocolate.. BIg Flippin Deal.

Third, I am officially back on the grind. Ten lbs of almost pure pastry later, my foot is back in running condition. Perfect timing because we had our first indoor soccer game tonight! My host dad runs an indoor soccer session every Monday at a gym nearby, and he invited me to join. Indoor soccer is basically my crack, so this was the absolute best. I forgot how much I loved the game. My host brothers and I lost, and I was super pissed off. I miss that feeling. Moral of the story, being in a host family is cool. Do it kids.

Fourth, there appears to be some sort of hurricane going on. Trees all knocked down. Kyle knocked down off his bike. Trains cancelled. Danes actually wearing helmets. Buildings losing roofs. Class cancelled! Now, I know this is not exactly cause for celebration, and to all the homies stuck in school for the night, I apologize. However, it is different, and weirdly cozy (my host sister loves this weather), and having a class cancelled is delightful. Too everyone in the city tonight, be careful por favor.

Finally and by far most importantly, I am seeing Chvrches tomorrow night! Chvrches is the band I am currently obsessing over. I love their music, and am planning on marrying Lauren Mayberry, their lead singer. This show has been sold out for over a month, and people have been offering bills on bills for  my tickets for weeks. Chvrches are sort of a synthy pop band that sounds like a combination of disco fever, a horror movie, and the blissful feeling you get when you pop bubble wrap.

Check them out, but put on your best headphones. Of course, I will be writing a full review in the coming days.

Ever before releasing their first album a month ago, Chvrches are the fastest rising, and most blog-adored act in music. No idea how I will survive my non-cancelled classes tomorrow.

Ok now I should actually sleep…..

Goodnight World (I can say that now)


This place is insanely big
This place is insanely big

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