DIS STUDY TOUR REVIEW “Paris and Brussels 2013: The People Speak”

Hi Loyal Followers,

Against everything I believe in, I decided to temporarily hand over the reins of power to the Global Econ Class B squad in order to learn what they thought about our group tryst to France and Belgium.

These are their thoughts :

“It was cool to have a balance between incredible cultural attractions and informative academic visits related to my major.” Vincent Whalen

“E is for eating mussels in Brussels

C is for casual Parisian booze cruise

O is for One Julie. One group. One love.

N is for no man left behind (see subway for exceptions)”   C.W. Sloan

Paris. Nothing more romantic than 18 dudes and 4 girls!

“The only things more valuable then the lessons I learned about the Global Economy, were the lasting friendships I will never forget.” Conor Henrie

“Global Econ B Is quite possibly the greatest group of human beings ever assembled. The maturity of these young men and women is mind-blowing. Sometimes I felt like I was the student and they were the leaders. I can’t wait to invite them all to hang out with me in the US. “ Julie Doub

“Helped me realize that the tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital… the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for growth in the economy.” Alex Sterenberg

Romance on the Eiffel Tower.
Romance on the Eiffel Tower.

“The law of diminishing marginal utility does not apply to Belgian Waffles, or French Women.” Michael McQuillan

“What did I learn this week? I learned that like the European Union isn’t the only union I live in; the Global Economics Friendship Union, with its headquarters in Copenhagen, was established this week :)”  Max Buretz

“What Brussel’s lacked in Wifi, they made up for in Absinthe and Waffles.”  Daniel Kong

“Q: How many DIS econ students does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None, the market will take care of it.” Michael Libby

Sup..... Ladies.
Sup….. Ladies.

“The theme of this week was sharing. Sharing knowledge. Sharing laughs. Sharing breads, and sharing beds.”  Michael Berestecky

“It was ok…”  Anthony Prousis

“Just like the integrated economies of Europe converge, on this trip, so did our friendships.”    Riley Dickson

“I loved the study tour. I made so many friends…    I think” Sophie Dietz

The center of the world.
The center of the world.

“I feel like I now understand how the world works. The visits that DIS set up were amazing.” Lady From Tour

“The friends I have made on this trip are the friends that will be there for you, no matter how tight or sticky a situation may become.” Reid Klarsfeld

“The euro may be weakening, but the memories I have of sharing giggles over fancy French dinners will last forever.” Greg Lawrence

“From navigating the Paris metro system to weaving in and out of traffic in Brussels on our bikes, this group knows how to keep it together. Mostly.” Molly McGlone

Miles Anderson: Voted most likely to win class brawl.

Classic tourist shot.
Classic tourist shot.

“Mom, I met some really nice Jewish girls.” Noah Newberger

“I’m Very Intelligent.” Scott Onigman

“After being awake for six days of wonderful exploration, It is time to sleep.” Yuxin Gong

“I had a great time but I know that even though we all say were going to hang out all the time, we probably won’t. Ya sure, well all have a cover photo together on FB, but realistically nothing more. I already miss having friends :(” Colby Reed

“Wonderful hotels, great roommates, constant DIScounts,  fun and engaging speakers, cool cultural visits, great food, and a great dude to chick ratio made this the best trip I have ever been on.” Mason Vogt

Let me know if you have any questions about our wonderful trip. I would love to DIScuss it with you.

Hej Hej,


(class people let me know if I need to change your wisdoms)

Too lazy to email this to you mom.
Too lazy to email this to you mom.

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