Bonjour! Long Study Tour. First Day In Paris.


It’s time for long study tour! We are sitting in our hotel room after an awesome day in Paris.  After extensive review (less than a day),  the judges (me) have determined that this place absolutely lives up to the hype. Slightly overwhelmed by how many things are here, but in a good way. Like the first time I went to Chuck E Cheese. Also, this is by far the best picture I will ever take and I am fine with that:


We had lunch then headed straight to Notre-Dame. Way cooler than the college.

We did a walking tour with a hilarious guy who explained a bunch of the symbolism all around the city to us. Starting with Notre Dame. Ok so this is the middle entrance:

They could not read so this is how they taught.
They could not read so this is how they taught.

How To Get To Heaven According to the Front of the Notre-Dame:

  1. See Jesus top middle center
  2. Rise of out of your graves on judgment day. This happens right over the doors.
  3. Head to middle row to have your sins weighed by angel and the devil.
  4. Little devil also cheats and pulls down your sins.
  5. Head left to ascend to heaven.
  6. Otherwise be chained up by the devil and head right only to have yourself dropped headfirst (far right) in a steaming cauldron of pain. Be sure to notice that kings and priests are also being dipped in said cauldrons to show that anyone could go to hell. This is comforting to the common folk who are completely terrified at this point.

You could go on and on and explain every little detail of this tiny part of the church, but alas I am lazy and breakfast is soon.  Since back in the day people were illiterate, church architecture is how they learned their religion. Agree or disagree with the whole religion deal, pretty cool how much detail is involved. It makes sense how religious these societies were, 850 years ago when it was built, the church was far bigger and more imposing than anything else in the area. I wouldn’t mess with um..

These gargoyles share a Latin root with the word gargle, they basically mean water, and they are a drainage system for the church. They are ugly because they are meant to show how the evil spirits are leaving the church. You might notice the one humanoid! The fourth one on the right is actually a church construction manager who was put there by his workers because they hated him so much. Prank 2.0

We also saw where the original human meat pies were served for over 6 months before being caught. Also the inspiration for Sweeney Todd.


Famous Church:

Floating lillie pads. Game changer..
Floating lillie pads. Game changer..

The first shopping mall for rich people, on earth. Some of the original storefronts remain which is crazy to think about. Previously wealthy people had everything custom made at their cribs. Built by Henry IV in 1605. Place Des Vosges.


Will Update Soon with pics from all over Paris. Last few days have been a ride.

Au Revoir

Kyle David Weiss

Climber of the Eiffel Tower and Fan of Paris


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