Culture Night: Copenhagen On Steroids

Ahoy Maties!!

I never thought I would say it, but I am actually really enjoying the cold weather and rain that has consumed the city as of late. When the weather is good, I take advantage of it more, and rainy Copenhagen has a weirdly appealing feel to it. So much color against the gray sky is actually pretty cool.

The other night (night one of finally being back on two feet) was Culture Night 2013. This was actually one of the best nights I have had since arriving in Europa. The whole city opens up starting at 6:30, and for 90 Kroner ($16) you have access to everything. OVER 650 PLACES WERE OPEN!! I could actually spend a month going to cool places, but we only had a night to do as much as possible. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing this whole night. Until we left at 3AM, you could barely move it was so crowded everywhere. Performances were happening all over the place, and the music festival like vibe meant fun fun fun fun times. More fun than FUN? Maybe…

So much culture it hurts!
So much culture it hurts!

Being Americans, our main goal for the evening was of course to get as much free food as humanly possible. To my readers in the homeland, you must understand that Denmark don’t do free. Everything here costs something (usually a lot of somethings), so we were sub-consciously drawn to the free schtuffs. Our Danish friends were completely disgusted with us.

So our journey started at the DIS haunted house, which was decently scary, but mostly in a “You just violated my personal bubble sort of way.”  DIS then had pumpkin carving, free s’mores, cookies, and things of that nature.

S'Mores: Danish Culture Right?
S’Mores: Danish Culture Right?

We then walked through town, saw some bands, tribal looking dances, and had deliciously free, vegetable soup and bread. We ended up getting this soup twice since it was so bomb.

City hall was next. This was pretty cool. They kill it with the nationalism.

To my absolute childish delight, we then made the trek to the brand new Planetarium!  Super cool to go for free. Think like the biggest imax screen you have seen, double it, and then let it curve over your heads (which are resting nicely on velvet seats). The dialogue was in Danish, but cool stars are cool stars. We want to go watch a full movie in English soon, but this was awesome.



Everyone said we had to do it, so we hit up parliament next. After heavy security, we got to walk through the actual parliament chamber. Unreal. Then we went to the top floors and talked to the different political parties based on how much food they gave us. The social liberals (Dark Chocolate) earned my vote, which was absolutely for sale to the highest bidder.

In the US this would have been shutdown....
In the US this would have been shutdown….

We went to a few more places and ended at the Danish Architecture Center. They had a cool light show outside, along with a fake campsite with trees and campfires. Inside they had a bunch of Lego stations where you could build to your hearts content.

Note the glass cafe on the side. Casually Awesome.
Note the glass cafe on the side. Casually Awesome.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Good times had by all.

Also planned my third travel break!   London for the Kairos Conference, and then Lisbon! Two buddies and I are renting an apartment in Lisbon for most of the week and exploring the city. Needless to say, I am pumped for this. When I get back, Momma and Poppa Weiss will be in town and I will be turning the big 21(not big here at all, since kids are treated as people and not criminals).

Also we got our Paris/Brussels itinerary today! Will post about that tomorrow or Saturday? Ok deal.

Hej Hej,



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