Berlin and Back in Town

Hi Guys,

No fancy pictures (edit.. now one) or long-winded explanations this time. Just an update. So I hurt my foot last week in Budapest. This was a bummer because it basically immobilized me during my time in Berlin. Good news was I was staying with Grandpa and Margit at their place, so I got to chill and catch up.

My grandpa took me to dinner at an amazing Armenian place called The Big Window, which he has been going to for forty years. Grandpa and the owner were quick to insult each other in a friendly banter that had clearly developed over many long nights in the place.   The Big Window is a favorite among the “elite” in Berlin, and you will rarely be sat without a reservation. Ivan the owner just asks you if you want something, and you say yes or no. There is only one menu in the place and Margit and Grandpa had never seen it until Thursday.  One of the best meals I have ever had. Think Mecca for people that eat meat. Ribs, veal and some of the appetizers were mind-blowing. Definitely want to go back next time I am in Berlin.

I also accidently got a skinhead haircut. I look a little scary.  German language barrier problems.

Now on the school grind. Two papers and three projects that I need to start grinding out.  School here is easier than Claremont, but living with a family, exploring, and all the other good things make getting the surprisingly large workload done, quite challenging. European integration is a cool topic, and I am starting to feel less nervous about writing a thesis senior year. Goodness I am getting old.

Paris and Brussels in 2 weeks with my econ class! That trip is going to be incredible.  Of course the cliché Eiffel Tower picture will be here for your viewing pleasure.

Miss y’all and love all the snapchats/emails/messages.  See You Soon.

The Traveler


This guy was just there....
This guy was just there….




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