Adventure Time Week 1/3: Oktoberfest and Budapest!

Hi there,

Travel week one update time. So, we spent Friday through Sunday at Oktoberfest in Munich. It was as absurd, crazy, and fun as all the rumors and rampant facebook pics would suggest. The Western Europe Claremont study abroad people all met up and had a traditional Bavarian meal Friday night. That was cool. It was also way more expensive than I thought humanly possible, but so worth it. Oktoberfest is GIANT and also a full theme park.  One of those things you just have to go to at some point.

Good news is that I am now visiting my future roommate Nick Weiss(cousins), in the wonderful and strange city of Budapest. It feels like a mix between Paris and The Soviet Bloc, like 20 years ago. We have been to some really cool places.

1.  The Chain Bridge which connects Buda To Pest. We went hiking in Buda today, but Nick’s math program, along with most of the action, is in Pest.

This guy was just there....
This guy was just there….

2. Small Restaurant for a traditional Hungarian meal of Goulash, Chicken Dumplings and a Chocolate Hungarian Crepe.

Num num num.
Num num num.
IDK what it is but it is delicious...
IDK what it is but it is delicious…

3.  My new favorite place. This teahouse is built like a treehouse with a bunch of little nests on the different levels. You  take your shoes off and climb up into one of the areas, lay on pillows, and drink one of over 60 different types of tea. Good music, food, and the fact that it is completely hidden and unlabeled, make this place awesome.

Altair Teahaz
Altair Teahaz

4. Ruin Pubs. They have a bunch of these, but basically, some war or other knocked these buildings out of commission. They were turned into weird and awesome bars with graffiti, and strange knick-knacks everywhere. Concerts too!

Like someone from storage wars had a seizure.

5. Views, Views, Views. Awesome Castle and Parliament buildings. Really cool hiking.

Yes Yes, more cool old buildings.
Yes Yes, more cool old buildings.
Ran to the top of this thing.. Can't feel my legs.
Ran to the top of this thing.. Can’t feel my legs.

6. Might go caving under the castle today. Or, might go shopping because I can get things here for 1/10 København prices.

7.  Berlin Tonight!  Hating reading everything about the shutdown in the US. Fix it people!

Happy October Everyone!



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