1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it!

To my complete disbelief, the blog passed 1000 views today!!!! Wooooooooo!! Go America!!  So that’s pretty cool I guess.

We Did It!
We Did It!
Stay Classy Denmark
Stay Classy Denmark

Hope it is at been at least semi-interesting. Turns out the blog has been a hit among the Danville soccer mom crowd (along with other key demographics). I won’t name names, but you all know who you are. You can imagine my surprise, when I finally got a chance to discuss this phenomenon with mother, she informed my that she had only seen the blog a few times, was not subscribed, and that she couldn’t find my email with the attached link. I mean are you kidding me mom!?! I have intentionally omitted like 90% of the interesting stuff in order to mom proof this thing, and you do not even read it! Thank you to all the nice family friends, DIS people, and the random contingent in India who have subscribed to this thing. I am now writing for you all and you all alone. Mother we will talk about this when you visit (or is that cancelled now as well!)? Love you though!

Random news to add to this untargeted, and rather purposeless post:

1.  This random group of Danish people outside of our school seems to be growing. Maybe waiting for GTA? Not really sure, but the loud music, drinking, tribal yelling, and playing of instruments during morning classes seems be on the rise. Reminds me of the hippie episode of South Park.

Day 5. They just grow stronger
Day 5. They just grow stronger

2.  Seeing an awesome band at Tivoli on Friday. They are a Danish band, and this video is filmed at the oldest theme park in the world. Bakken opened in 1583 and is right outside of town. Have not been yet. Cool band though:


Simone (host-sister/chef extraordinaire) has the gold pass to Tivoli so she gets people in for free whenever she goes! DIS kids… Go.

3. Discussion with my family yesterday:

“We have an expression in Danish that translates to, If you clear your tallerken(plate), it will bring good weather tomorrow. Do you have that in California?….. Oh wait never mind, you don’t have bad weather there.”

Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

4.   It is getting colder. My California born-and-raised skin might start to crumble like Voldy at the end of HP 7 (Part 2 movie of course).


5.  I am starting to take an interest in Danes thoughts on Americans. It is a strange juxtaposition of repulsion and fascination. On one side, they think of us as (say with southern accent), gun toting, McDonalds craving, evangelicals who like war and running the football. This is not helped by the fact that most Danes who study in the US, study in the sorts of places that completely confirm said stereotypes, but still…  On the other side, they have a weird (almost obsessive in some cases) fascination with America. Most Danes are familiar with all the same movies and tv shows that we are, they all want to visit NY and CA, and they seem to know as much or more about American politics than the majority of Americans. This could just be a reflection of education levels and size of population, but they do not seem to know nearly as much about the Kremlin, so I can safely assume it is an American thing. Weird. Will keep investigating and report my findings.

6.  Why in the world do we not have Shawarma/Durham places on every single street at home. So incredibly delicious.

Now I must focus in class. Five hours down, four to go. Man I hate Tuesdays..




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