Fairytales, Castles, and Princesses (Still working on the latter)

The last couple of days of my life have not felt real.

Confirming my theory that Denmark is a giant interactive Disney  theme park.
Confirming my theory that Denmark is a giant interactive Disney theme park.

In three days, I have been to three different palaces/castles, and two of them were not even intentional visits. They just happened to be where I was. When I say that these days have not felt not real, I mean that when visiting these places (most specifically Rosenborg Castle), everything actually just felt fake. In America, our only interaction with the world of Princesses and Kingdoms is through Disney movies, themed parties, and that medieval times thing we went to in 8th grade. All of these things serve to create a sort of prop mentality when it comes to kingdoms.  I automatically associate royalty with cheap plastic crowns and things of that nature, so all of these awesome places have a strange surreal feeling to them.

For example, The whole time I was in the giant third floor throne room in Rosenborg, all I could think of was Game Of Thrones, Game of Thrones, Geoffrey Sucks!!!

Winter is coming.
Winter is coming.

The crazy thing is how real and relevant all of this royalty schtuff is. Since they are the longest running monarchy on earth, this family has acquired quite some cool swag.  From gold chess pieces, to bedazzled swords, the royals have it pretty good. The scope of the riches was almost incomprehensible and totally mind blowing. Like I said, it felt fake. Take this crown for example, I can’t take seriously the fact that this thing is probably worth more than a decent house in Cali.

"King of da castle, king of da castle. You will never get this, you will never get this."
“King of da castle, king of da castle. You will never get this, you will never get this.”

Or take the “Cottage at  Dyrehaven”..This crib is still used for royal hunting trips and lunches. I happened to be on a bike ride yesterday and we rode right through this . Bonus points for the fighting herds of deer due to mating season.

This is our "hunting cottage"
How in the name of (insert your deity here) is this a cottage!?

So yes, I have had some culture shock as of late. Sue me.

Though I may not understand royalty etc, one thing I do understand is wine production. Shoutout to Papa Weiss and all of his volunteers (unpaid slave laborers) who are in the backyard of Casa Weiss picking grapes today!  Miss you guys and wish I was there. Kira, I expect more than one bucket out of you this year.

Family wine  nostalgia aside, I have to give my respect to the Danish Royals for having a sweet wine cellar in the basement of Rosenborg and for loading up barrels with their private stock.  5 points Denmark.

Vin on Vin
Dad you are slacking...
Dad you are slacking…

Oh and for my more conservative viewers out there, I have included some bad arse royal weapons to make you drool a little bit. Give these guys to your children’s teachers! #ShoutoutTeaParty #TeamRedneck

Colt 45 aint got nuttin
Better than COD
Better than COD

Now I must go do hw. As always, feel free to say hi via the comments section. Or better yet, shoot me an email.

Also, shout-out to my homies at BBAM! Miss my cubicle buddies and hope all is going well.  I do not have your emails, but mine is kweiss15@cmc.edu.

Also, shout-out to everyone killin it at CMC right now. I miss ya guys and am proud of the 6:01 snapchats I got (JesusCristo is me).. Keep it up and keep on resisting the SpellWomen tyranny.




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