Hey Guys,

Despite a lackluster performance by my fantasy team this week (I mean CJ Spiller are you joking!?), I had one incredible weekend. Saturday night went to a host family friends 18th Birthday party in Næstved, which was a blast and a half. 18th birthdays here, are like 21sts at home,  so we had a 5 hour meal that included salmon, shrimp, chicken, steak, delicious pastries, veggies, and of course, enough wine and champagne to knock out a small village. This was a blast, but the real kicker of the weekend was that we finally went to Tivoli!!!


Tivoli Gardens

Aka: The inspiration for Disneyland and quite possibly the actual happiest place on earth.  Ya I said it.. Denmark just got voted the happiest country on earth, so the Danes are pretty cocky right about now, and I can’t say I blame them.


Alright but back to Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park on earth (other one is right outside Copenhagen), Tivoli was built in 1843 and is the most popular inner-city amusement park on earth (4 million visitors per year). It has 110,000 custom lights and 400,000 flowers!

100 Year Old Building. NBD

The place is even crazier at night  where everything is lit up and gorgeous. Apparently winter in Tivoli is the most cozy thing in a Kingdom where coziness is everything. Went on a 100 year old roller coaster where each train is controlled by a person in the  actual car. It was a sweet ride too.

I want his job so bad.
I want his job so bad.

Many of the rides feel Disneyish, since the atmosphere and story often is the most important part.


Major differences from US theme parks:

  1. Safety. Since lawyers don’t run this country, people are generally more relaxed about safety. Things are safe, but there is an unspoken, “Don’t be an idiot,” rule. They also have a playground with certain climbing elements that would make most American moms psychotic (or at least more so than before).
  2. This:

    Wait until you notice..
    Wait for it…
  3. No kids on leashes!!
  4. Actual gardens. The park is as much a park in the traditional sense as a theme park. There is theme park food, but there also exists a ton of super nice and good restaurants throughout. In fact, many people have season passes just to walk through the park, and listen to the band.
  5. The bumper cars are real!!! Like you can actually slam into people and cause them light amounts of physical pain. Another thing that probably would never fly in the US of A.
  6. People. They were just normal? I won’t go into detail at the risk of offending my sensitive readers, but trust me when I say this is a noticeable difference. Also, a ton of old people were just walking around. Good for them, it is a damn good place for an evening stroll.
  7. A friend of mine saw the queen at Tivoli last week. How cool is that!?

That is all I have. Enjoy Los Photos. I am writing a letter to the queen this week with my complaints about Denmark. Stay tuned.

Au Revoir mofos.


Wait until you notice..

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