Underground Museums!?

Hey Guys,

Slow weekend on the blog side of things. Been slightly sick, and nursing a foot injury, but Shady’s back people (but really, Eminem just dropped an awesome new song).   So after watching three movies and nursing myself back to health, I went on an adventure today!

Where did said adventure take place?

Cisternerne: The Museum Of Modern Glass!

Reasons it is awesome:

1. It is located in Frederiksberg. People have been living here since the Bronze Age… 3000 Years Ago.. Are you kidding me!?

2. It is located right next to another awesome palace. Built in 1700.. Young here is still older than the US..

Determined to sled here come winter time.. I'm sure the Queen won't mind...
Determined to sled here come winter time.. I’m sure the Queen won’t mind…

3. The museum is underground… Crazy, I know. Basically, they put a museum in an old water elevation reservoir that was mainly used to get water to high points in town.

Enter through the glass pyramid....
Enter through the glass pyramid….

4. It is creepy in the best way possible. Water all over the floors, creepy sound effects playing everywhere, candles creating almost all of the light, and the constant feeling of being followed by someone with an axe.


5. Glass art is too cool.

Don’t Ask

6. Pretty affordable! 40 Kr with a student discount. Off the beaten path and fun. Sort of like if you found a bunch of glass art in an underground haunted house.

Modern Art I spose
Neon Signs are so hot right meow

Got to run. Host family meet and greet event. Lyngby team doing work.

Leaving for the West side of Denmark (Jutland) tomorrow. Should be cool, visiting a bunch of businesses with my global economics program. Will definitely blog about it because I both have to, and want to.

I’m Out,



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