Concert Review! MS MR at Rust

As you guys already know, my goal in life abroad is to become as Danish, or as close to Danish as my unfortunately dark skin will possibly allow.  One of the things this entails, is experiencing the Copenhagen night scene (living la vida local). The combination of a semi-cliquey Danish social etiquette, and taking classes almost exclusively with Americans, can make this difficult at times. Even the most outgoing of folk often end up at the same bars for “International Night” every week, and surrounded by the same crew of (albeit very friendly) Americans.

I could not become a true Viking without getting to the “real” Danish spots, so when I heard that MS MR would be playing at Copenhagen’s Iconic, Club Rust, I obviously made myself go!

Love Her Forever.
Love Her Forever.

Rust is one of Copenhagen’s most famous clubs, and one of the places ultimately responsible for the flood of big names coming to Denmark this year. Rust is located in the super trendy and definitely diverse (by Scandinavian standards) district of Nørrebro.  The two-floor club has a really cool feel that is both edgy, and surprisingly contemporary. The futuristic, yet gritty vibe, comes together thanks to an ultra modern bar behind the main stage.

MS MR is a new, dreamy, synthy, gothy, pop band led by adorable-in-every-way, singer-songwriter, Lizzy Plapinger. Based on sound alone, one would think that MS MR would play live a lot like The XX, powerful, haunting and overwhelmingly pure sound on a dark stage.  However, thanks to Plalinger’s natural awesomeness, the show is fun and super high energy. She is hilarious and all over the place, and even the relatively conservative Danes were jumping around by the end of the show.  Max Hershenow (the MR of MS MR) announced that this was their first Scandinavian show, and seemed genuinely shocked by the sell-out-crowd’s enthusiasm.  Plus, bonus points for drinking a local Carlesberg brew (international business students get to visit their headquarters).

This Place is Unreal.
This Place is Unreal.

Highlights of the show include the duo’s breakout hit, Hurricane, as well as slow jam, BTSK. Suprisingly, somewhat Taylor Swift-esque pop jam, Think of You, was way fun.


Go see a show at Rust.  The tiny main stage area creates one of the most intimate, but still high-energy, venues I have ever seen. There is no bad spot in the house, and you feel like you are getting a private concert.

Upcoming Shows I think will be awesome:

CSS Sep 27

Kissaway Trail Oct 10

Digitalism  Nov 28

These ones will probably sell out soon, so get on it people!

Full List:

It is pretty affordable; MS MR was 80 Kr a ticket which felt like a steal!

Where: Rust ApS, Guldbergsgade 8, DK – 2200 KBH N

See you guys there!!


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