True Patriot

Greetings America!

So I was having dinner with host crew the other night, and the subject turned (as it often does in life) to Mexican food. We all shared a love for burritos, and Simone apparently makes a killer guac on special occasions. However, when I brought up the quesadilla, things got weird (and not even a little bit in the good way). Apparently, my host family had never even heard of the culinary delight that is the quesadilla!

This was obviously completely unacceptable. As American citizens, we have a civic duty to understand and help proliferate, the spread of Mexican food.  Since the US will basically be North Mexico in like five years, the Quesadilla is basically my national dish. In classic American fashion, I felt the need to force my ways upon another culture, so I was off to Netto (grocery store) to gather the necessary materials to make some quesar-dilllas for the family.

Bad news is that I tried, and completely failed, to make Spanish rice. Good news is that the nachos, guac, and quesadillas stuffed with chicken, peppers, olives, hot sauce, and three cheeses, were a complete success! Everyone seemed to really enjoy them, and I felt more than a little proud of myself.

Check it out:

They call me Guy Fieri.
The thumbs up is really catching on.

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