Teach me how to Hygge. Teach me, Teach me how to Hygge..



All right so yesterday I had my first experience with Hygge, and it was awesome. Hygge (say hue-ga but with a Scottish accent and stress on the first syllable) does not actually translate to English, but it’s an integral part of Danish culture and society. It means a sort of warm and cozy atmosphere. However, Hygge also is reliant upon being around friends or family and is as much a social gathering as a state of relaxation and comfort.  This attitude can be seen all over Denmark, and is felt in most of the cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.. People really value just being comfortable and enjoying company.

My host family had over a group of four families that the parents had all met 20 years ago on a trip to Turkey. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the “Turkish People” were actually all Danish. The Turkish People have been meeting and having a party together every three months since they met. Now all the kids are homies as well.  The crew came over around 3:00 PM and the games began. We started out just snacking on different fruits and crackers outside while I was introduced to a bunch of new lawn sports. I had never played croquet for one, so that was cool.

The Turkish People Love Food.. Respect
The Turkish People Love Food.. Respect

Next I was taught about a game called vikingespillet which involved throwing wooden sticks at little castles to destroy them. Surprisingly fun.  After a few more of these games, we got ready for dinner. One think you should know about the Turks is that these people love good food. This made me happy. After a while of chatting, the moms all went inside to prepare their different dishes.

If school doesn’t pan out, I will clearly be on the vikingespillet world tour.

Look at that weather!

Dinner was the bomb.com

Food Comas. They Happen.
Num Num Num

As you can see, I was a VERY happy camper.

Then dessert happened…

Seriously what the hell!?
Seriously what the hell is this place!?

Too good.

We then all went inside to get warm and have some more Hygge time which included tea, candy, blankets, and lots of candles. Overall, a very solid evening.

Next day we decided to be adventurous and go swimming in the harbor. The main harbor in Copenhagen is one of the cleanest in the world, and it is totally chill to go swim in.  In fact, the government actually blocked off areas for people to swim, and made swimming pool areas around the harbor. The one we went to had a giant wooden structure in the middle of it, which could be jumped off. Now, I am no boss at cliff jumping, but I did it and it was awesome. Complete Copenhagen highlight reel experience. Imma try again with go pro soon.

That is all for now.. Time for actual class to start.. Kicks self in face.



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