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God Dag! Jeg studerer dansk. Jeg kan snart tale dansk.

Translates to:  Good Day! I am studying Danish, I’ll soon be talking Danish.

Pronounced:  Ya studera dahh nsk. Ya kan snott talle dahh nsk. Or something like that.

So ya, Danish is hard. However, I have faith in my man Ivan (professors go by their first names here, same with parents) to get me up to speed. Having a host family will be my saving grace on this one..

Anyways, was not going to write today, but some cool developments in my Viking adventure needed to be shared. The first one is that I am an official DIS blogger!! Apparently, “Biting sarcasm and unnecessary use of the hash tag is super hot right now.” This basically means that I will do the same thing as before but now I have a little badge on the top right of my page.  Pretty excited though.

More importantly, I had a really cool adventure yesterday that needed to be shared. I had some time to kill so I threw on my headphones and decided to go explore Nørrebro, one of the residential neighborhoods that surrounds the city. Nørrebro is sort of the edgy, multicultural, creative district across the water. Think Telegraph Ave or Thayer Street meet Dubai.  Cool shops, eateries, old churches, etc..

So, I found myself really wanting to go in this one park that was surrounded by a big wall, and finally found an entrance. Turns out, this was a cemetery, and a super famous one. Within two minutes I had stumbled upon the grave of this guy:

Drawing the line on witty comments on the dead here.
Drawing the line. No witty comments on the dead. Sue me.

Hans Christian Anderson is one of the most famous Danes in recent history. He has written a bazillion famous stories, and he has a colossal influence on Western Culture. The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, and many other famous stories are credited to Hans.  Also in this cemetery are Søren Kierkegaard, and Niels Bohr among others.

What confused me most about my jaunt into Assistens Cemetary, was how people treated it like a park. Running, strolling, having picnics on top of the bones of your famous countrymen? Bold move Danes. I like your style though.

"Look mom I am playing ball with great great grandpa!"
“Look mom I am playing ball with great great grandpa!”

Got to run. My host brother’s soccer club is having a big anniversary event and then we are having one of the famous Danish dinner parties.

Stay Classy Internet,



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