On the Grind.

Hello hello hello!

My apologies for the lack of updates from Scandinavia, everything is flying at us so fast that I have slacked big time on my writing.  Future posts will try and focus on topics that I find interesting or are any important part of Copenhagen life, but for now I just need to spit out all that has happened the last couple of days!

I am starting to get the hang of the bike/train/walk culture in Copenhagen and it is awesome.  I am currently in a Hogwarts-like room in, The Black Diamond, the brand new and completely badass library on the waterfront (which you already knew from my previous posts that you memorized.. Am I right?).  No biggie or anything, but I got here on a water bus… Yep, exactly what it sounds like. Part of the public transit system runs on the canals.  On the flip side, since Danish is a combination of grunts and long, nonsensical combinations of letters, actually figuring out where I need to go can be quite a challenge.

To give you an idea of what I mean, this is the street I live on:

and that's not even a hard one...
and that’s not even a hard one…

So I have been doing a combination of exploring and DIS orientation schtuff.  DIS runs like butter, and the location is smack dab in the center of the city. For the first time in my short 20 years, my school is not in the burbs, and man does it feel good. To cap off orientation, we went on a group scavenger hunt thingie throughout the city. One stop was the royal palaces where the queen resides (apparently royals do not live in  a place, they simply reside).

Check it out:

#TeamDenmarkRoyalty #PrinceGeorgeIsLame
#TeamDenmarkRoyalty #PrinceGeorgeIsLame

Both Crown Prince Frederic (future king), and Queen Margarethe II (Margie to me) have their own giant palaces that they post up in.  Her second born, Prince Joachim, who will not inherit the throne, got completely shafted and lives down the street in a home.  The queen is a direct descendant of the oldest monarchy in the world, dating back over 1000 years. This means (obviously) that she is able to count kings like Gorm the Old (deceased 958) and Harald Bluetooth (deceased 987) among her ancestors. People respect the royals here, but not in the British obsession sense. The Prince picks up his kids from daycare by bike all the time, and just completed a public iron man. The queen is a respected artist and spends time on archeological digs.

Other highlights of the day include accidently paying 50 Krones ($9.50), for a smoothie, going to parliament, and free Danish foods. Some good photos exist somewhere, but I need to track them down on a friend’s camera!

Other Places I have been:

This awesome church spire which boasts the best view in the city. Stairs were completely treacherous but the view was awesome:


Copenhagen: The Toy City
Copenhagen: The Toy City

Christiania. Google it, but basically a bunch of hippies took over an old military fort and made it a free zone. This place is hilarious and completely absurd, but awesome. It is the biggest tourist attraction in Denmark, because the hippies do and sell whatever they want when they want to. I’ll leave it at that!

I have no idea…
This is where hippies go when they die.
Team CMC Y Chromosome

This cool lake in a random area of town where we had activities fair (I am doing volleyball, soccer and Danish storytelling):

A VIKING MUSEUM!!! I am doing a full viking blog post soon so you don’t get to see any photos… Yet..

Had my first day of class today and yes, I am slightly shocked by the workload I have ahead of me. My classes are actually pretty legit, but since stingy ole CMC is giving me credit, I will tough um out.

I am starting to acclimate, but it is definitely a lot. Meeting a gazillion other Americans, but in that sort of awkward orientation sort of way. Now that classes start, I hope things will settle a little and the world will take on a little structure. CMC people are all moving in which makes me a little sad, but now that I am here, I cannot believe that I was considering not studying abroad. I have learned a ton and classes haven’t even begun yet.  Definitely out of my comfort zone at times (forgot my towel at the gym today and had to air-dry), and missing everyone, but otherwise loving every second of this. The Danish outlook on life is so cool, and I am starting to understand their little quirks.  Nightlife is insane as expected, though has been mostly with Americans thus far.

Other Observations:

-Trampolines built in some (walking) streets…. Whaaaaa!!??????

-Danes are all models. Seriously, I have met Kate Upton look-alikes everywhere.

– 7-11’s are everywhere. Weird right? Also said models^ are more than happy to work at 7-11. People sort of do what they actually want since the crazy tax system takes care of um.

-Lowest equality gap in the world, yet much much more social mobility than the US. So people have a much greater chance at moving up the income ladder, which is pretty counterintuitive.

– DIS is buying the drinks at the econ/business student social tonight at some bar. CMC did their research with this place.

– Program has kids from all types of schools. Most kids are at pretty bomb schools, but it definitely has a mix. I am talking Chico State (Shoutout Dad) to Harvard variety. Some of the classes are way more fun than mine, but I will live (except on Tuesdays when I have 8 hours of um).

Will try and make more topic-oriented posts in the future.



2 thoughts on “On the Grind.

  1. Did you say trampolines built in to walking streets?! Amazing – I want a picture. Bonus for getting as many CMCers jumping in the pic as possible.

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