Helo fra København!

Hey Guys!

I made it! Against all odds I have survived my first 32 hours in Denmark. Nothing better than being picked up by your host family at the airport with a Danish flag with your name on it. Best part, no passport control or immigration at the airport (sort of a deal with it later once you are relaxed kind of thing).

My new home is a great place in Virum, about a 23 minute train ride from school downtown. I was greeted by my host mother Elise, my host sister Simone, and two of my host brothers, Steen and Søren. My host father Stig and host brother Stefan just arrived tonight since they were windsurfing on the West Coast of Denmark.

Food has been delicious, room/house are great, family is cool and speak great English, and best of all, I have already had multiple USA v Denmark FIFA 13 battles with Steen (one of the two thirteen year old twins).

When I woke up this morning the twins had left for a soccer game, so Simone Elise and I had a great meal that included a variety of Danish breads, a really good pastry, jam, butter, and some tea. I fitted one of the family bikes (absolutely essential in the biking capital of the world) and we rode around checking out the local town. We then headed over to the forest (right next to the house) and went for a walk. Very very cool to live and be able to run in such a great place.

After lunch when the twins returned from their game (they won on a 4 goal comeback)  we took the car and headed into the city! We walked to the New Port and took a canal tour by boat. Best way to see a lot of the city quickly which I shall attempt to recreate for my loyal readers (hi immediate family) below.

First and foremost, New Port:

Soøren, some model, Simone, and Steen
Soøren, Skyle, Simone, and Steen
Panorama City
Panorama City

We then jumped on the boat (look behind us) and started the Canal tour.

Right outside the port on the left was one of the coolest theaters I have ever seen. I really want to see a show here. The Royal Danish Playhouse opened in 1874, with the current exterior being completed in 2008.

Known for its variety of colors.
The Playhouse is known for its large variety of colors and lady-like curves.

In the same vein, the Royal Danish Opera House is also a crazy, cool, ridiculous Architectural feat. I can honestly say that I think of Opera the same way I think of the appendix, it might have been important at one time, but currently serves only to cause us pain. Still a gorgeous building though.

Sort of like a slinkie wearing a hat...
Sort of like a slinkie wearing a hat…

Next up was the Danish Family Royal Palaces. The Queen (god save. right Brits?)  lives in the one on the left, and her heir, Frederik, Crown Prince lives on the right. Classic awesome European church in the middle.  Today was an iron man competition, and Frederik, being a total BAMF, competed and did pretty well (10:45). He also makes his kids go to one of the local public schools. Stay tuned for my post, “George is an ugly name for a baby, Why The Danish Monarchs Make The Brits (except for Kate) Look Like Assholes.” They are at home so the flag is raised on the top right.

Go Queen Go!
Go Queen Go!

Also, check out the Royal Families sweet yacht….

Just Adorable..
Just Adorable..

We saw The Black Diamond, aka the world’s craziest library and my personal Mecca:

Come At Me Kravis Reading Room...
Come At Me Kravis Reading Room…

Cool Navy base with Cannons and things of that nature:

Damn Swedes…

I forget what this building does except it looked super Russian so I wanted a picture….

It reeked of vodka and obvious corruption.

The world’s greatest hotel…

Narrowest house in Copenhagen!

Alright folks, that is all I have for now. It is 3 AM and there is no reason I am not asleep right now. First day of school tomorrow and all. Have to make friends and all that.

Stay tuned for future posts:

1. “Viking Quest 2013”  A post of all of the HQ photos I have taken on Iphone of viking ships in the the canals.

2. “Free Healthcare and College” A slight rant about how ridiculously good the life of a Dane is sin debt.

3. “Get To Know My Family” An interview segment with my family on their honest views of America and Honey Boo Boo.

4. “Pictures of Danes on Bikes” Pretty much a bunch of pictures of Danes on bikes!

5. ” I take requests” Challenge me people…

Nighty Night,



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