Update From Frankfurt Airport Transit Zone (an ode to Snowden)

Hey Friends,

Just landed in Frankfurt. Heading to Copenhagen in a couple of hours! Oh boy oh boy!  Pretty excited after having read, How To Be Danish.

Apparently the best restaurant in the world, Noma, is in Copenhagen!? Reservations are only allowed on the first of each month, and have to be made 3 months in advance. Very cool. Also learned a lot about chairs, which are apparently a big deal in these parts.

Though not Europe related, I though I would give an update on the last three days I spent in the US of A. My good buddy and eternal arch archnemesis Tim Storer (and his family)  have an insanely cool lake house on Lake Sebago in Maine. So, why not stop on the way out to Denmark and see Tim, Joe, Julia, Talia, and Bryanna one last time? Maine (the part we saw) is a very strange mixture of redneck and class that made for great window viewing. The end result was an awesome couple o days filled with enough activities to make any Step Brothers fan proud.   Kayaking, Jet skiing, Paddle boarding, Hot tubbing, Dancing, Wake boarding, Tubing, Lobster,  Beaching, Tennis, Running, Eating, and Blue Mountain State to name a few.  I can confirm that the laws of physics do not allow me to do anything in which “getting up” is a requirement, however I maintain that my tubing prowess is superior to Tim’s.

Laying siege on enemy warship.
Laying siege on enemy warship.

Moral of the story is that Maine was beautiful and really fun. Hard to describe so I will just show you….   (Click to see bigger)

Will write some more on my first impressions of Copenhagen once I arrive!



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