Hamlet Aside… Why Denmark?

Why Denmark?

I chose my top college choices by googlizing happiest colleges and that seemed to work pretty well, so I just did the same thing with cities. Copenhagen seemed like as cool (actually freezing) and interesting place as anywhere I could find, and I knew I would get a ton of credits so I went for it.  I have a host family I will live with about 30 minutes from downtown and an unlimited metro pass.

Too aid my decision  (I have clearly not taken Massoud’s Accounting for Decision Making yet), I made a chart comparing what I would have in Copenhagen vs what I would have if I stayed home (#TeamPictureBook)!

You could just never leave.
You could just never leave.

So while giving up 16 and Pregnant, Deep Fried Oreos (I have never had one but it is comforting knowing they exist), and ‘Murica will be a struggle, I decided to go with the Kongeriget Danmark. I leave in just over a week, so stay tuned (or don’t, I really won’t be that cut up about it.)



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